2020 3 Day Spring Training Camp

Camp Overview: This camp is focused on learning, developing training skills, and training! Each of the swim sessions will be done in a beautiful outdoor pool that are coach led. The swims will be focused on identifying campers technique flaws and how to fix them as well as getting in a quality workout. Outside of the training, there will be discussions on correct swim and run technique as well as nutrition. If you are a beginner to intermediate who wants to escape to a beautiful area to learn, improve, and train… this camp is for you.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Camp Dates: Friday March 5th-Sunday March 8th

Travel Dates: Arrive on Thursday March 4th, Leave on Monday March 9th

Camp Size: 10

Bike Rental: Bike Rental is available and preferred.

Cost: TBD *Includes Lodging at Athlete House (Couples Discount Available)

Camp House: Will sleep 10, you will have to share rooms, not a big deal.

Ride Lengths: Each ride varies per ability and will range from 25-50 Miles. Not everyone will ride the same distance.

Rides: Mt Lemmon, Gates Pass, Pistol Hill

Ride Support: There will be sag support for each ride that will have food, nutrition, hydration, tubes, and tires

Theme of Camp: This is balanced camp where we will be focused on all three sports and education with lectures. Groups will have different speeds and distances with sag support for each ride.

What’s Included in Camp Fee:

1) Housing- Your fee INCLUDES housing at a very nice house. When camp houses are used, it allows for greater camaraderie, enjoyment, and fun.

2) Dinners on Thursday, Friday, Saturday

3) Miscellaneous Food at Camp House

4) Coaching- 2 Coached swim sessions, 1 running technique session, 2 lectures on various topics, laying out the camp, and behind the scenes work.

5) Sag Support- Each ride will have sag support.

Fitness Needed For Camp: Lets be real, the camp is in March and no one will be in great shape. This camp is focused on building your fitness and working on skill and technique that you can use when you return home. We will have different ride lengths per ability.

Car Rental: You will want to have a car for this trip or you can Uber or Lyft. This is a logical option.

Camp Timeline

Thursday: Arrive in Tucson, Check in at Camp House at 4pm.

Friday: Morning Technique Swim, Lecture, Endurance Ride

Saturday: Morning Endurance Ride, Afternoon Technique Swim and Technique Run

Sunday: Long Endurance Ride w/ Transition Run, Lecture on Various Topic

Monday: Check Out