2020 Spring Training Camp

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Dates: TBD

Travel Days: TBD

Fee: TBD

June 2018: TBD

Camp Size: TBD

Camp House: Coming Soon (Will sleep 12-14)

Preferred Hotel: TBD

Ride Lengths: Each ride varies per ability and will range from 25-80 Miles. Not everyone will ride the same distance.

Rides: Mt Lemmon, Gates Pass, Pistol Hill

Ride Support: There will be sag support for each ride that will have food, nutrition, hydration, tubes, and tires

Theme of Camp: This is balanced camp where we will be focused on all three sports and education with lectures. Groups will have different speeds and distances with sag support for each ride.

Swim and Run: Yes, we will be doing swim and run sessions alongside the cycling. We will work a lot on swim technique.

Shape Needed For Camp: Lets be real, it’s February and no one will be in great shape. This camp is focused on building your fitness and working on skill and technique that you can use when you return home. We will have different ride lengths per ability.

Car Rental: You will want to have a car for this trip.

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