3 Months to IMWI: Creating Self Doubt

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3 months to IRONMAN Wisconsin, officially GO time. 

This past weekend was my biggest weekend of the year and it was filled with reminders. The theme of Patience was at the top of the list.

When Cindi and I talked on Wednesday about what the focus needs to be in the final 3 months, we concluded that it’s 1) Open Water skill and 2) Bike fitness. I swim well in the pool but OW isn’t good. Need more practice.

On Saturday I rode 100 miles and came to an average NP of 200 watts and VI of 1.05. I ride very steady so i don’t have many high outputs that create inflated NPs. While my speed was good, knowing my data points to when I had my best races is dangerous. Looking back to 2015 when I raced my best IM bike at IMAZ, I put in countless flat 100+ milers with an average NP between 215-225.  Sunday was 200 and I need to be 15-25 watts higher if I want to accomplish my goals. It’s that simple. 

Suddenly my satisfaction turned into frustration and self doubt. Why? That’s ridiculous. One moment I am jazzed about my ride and next I’m not because of the simple process of unthoughtful comparing.

Then on the other hand this was my longest ride of the year... and I’m comparing to my best fitness? That’s not fair. It’s hard to juggle these data points and while it’s very motivating it creates fear that I’ll be able to achieve these numbers by September. Can I get there? How do I get there?

My conclusion, stick to the plan and keep working.