67 Days to IMWI


67 days

To me that sounds like a lot of time left till IRONMAN Wisconsin. That’s a lot of swimming, biking, and running to do. That’s a lot of long swims, bikes, and runs to tackle.

At this point in my training I feel like I’m only getting started; physically and emotionally.

You always want to have “the next step” and at this point in my training I’ve entered the final step. Since day 1 of my training for IRONMAN Wisconsin I’ve told myself to not get too emotionally committed till 14 weeks out. I’ve watched countless athletes train too hard too soon and reach their physical and emotional peak in July. I’m just getting started. My motivation is firing on all cylinders. Fitness is improving.

Since TTT my fitness has reached a new level. My training numbers of  weekly CTL, TSS, and KJs have been the highest I’ve remembered them and as my weekly hours only get higher, i actually feel better. 18 hours felt better than 16. It’s all absorbing.

It’s been hard to have patience in this preparation. I’ve wanted to commit earlier. The one thing I know the best is myself. I know that i only have a 12-16 week period where i can fully commit myself to a very big task. This is where having TTT was nice to have a secondary goal to keep me entertained. 

All in all, things are moving in the right direction.