Tapering is HARD WORK!


Tapering is hard work.

We are 9 weeks out from IRONMAN Wisconsin and all I want to do is train. As i sit here, resting, I feel like I am losing all of the training i’ve done this past year. Maybe I should go and pound out some Vo2 Max efforts to ensure I still have good fitness? Wait, I think i’ve just forgotten how to run! 

These thoughts have gone through my mind everyday this week. No matter how many times I tell my athletes this, it’s hard to sit here and rest. 

I am very excited to race at Door County this weekend. It’s my true RACE this year and being able to go flat out for a sprint triathlon is exciting. I love racing short distance triathlons. Minimal thinking, minimal data, just flat out from the start. 

“On the edge of uncertainty” is what I call it. If I am racing and unsure I can finish, I am pacing it right. Within acouple minutes of each discipline I am at my limit, processing my focus points when my legs and arms are screaming at me. Relax, GO, Relax, GO. Keep Pushing, Keep Pushing. 

Doesn’t that sound like fun? I am getting more excited as I write this out.

No elaborate fueling plan. No checking the pace. Full gas on Saturday.