Winning Door County Sprint

Photo: FocalFlame

Photo: FocalFlame

Winning Door County Sprint was special. Its not often you have the opportunity to win an overall race. It takes a village and special thanks to Cindi, Lucy, our Madison Multisport Teammates, and High Performance Advisor, Wheel Renter, and Motivator @imkenwood ----

This was the 4th year i’ve raced in Door County and i’ve always raced the Half Ironman Distance. Since having our daughter my racing schedule has changed to where I can’t race every event under the sun. The events I choose have to make sense for our family. Happy Wife, Happy Life. Last year I raced the Half Distance when Lucy was 1 and it was an extremely stressful weekend for our family and promised to not do that again.


#1 Did Well: Swim warm up in choppy section of race. I saw that it was going to be choppy past the breaker wall and this has always been a moment of weakness for me. I warmed up a total of 400 before the race. I swam to the breaker wall and did 2 50 efforts into the waves and around the buoy to feel the transition of smooth to wavy water. During the race, this didn’t effect me at all. I knew what was coming and how to handle it

#2 Did Well: Focused solely on technique and sighting. I was in 3rd place for much of the water and knew I was doing well. I was focused on my counting, my catch phase, and my sighting. Swimming a straight line helps. Duh

#3 Did Well…Transitions: I worked on them in the days leading into the race. I often overlooked them. This time I had some of the fastest transitions

#1 Didn’t Do Well: Mental Space on the bike when I didn’t have the legs or power. I was negative. Really negative. It amazes me how quickly I go into the negative thinking when something isnt going to plan. This DOESNT happen in training, but snakes out in a race.


Take aways for the final 7 weeks into IMWI

1. Don’t panic

2. Don’t do anything stupid

3. Don’t feel the need to prove my fitness every weekend

4. Bike alot

5. Swim alot